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Polyamide Fabrics
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Polyamide, or Nylon, is a man-made, synthetic fiber, derived from petroleum. There are many kinds of Polyamide; the one used by Porcher is Polyamide 6.6 (Nylon 66) in the form of continuous multifilaments. Polyamide 6.6 (hexamethylenediamine adipate polymer, or salt N) is a result of the combination of one diamine (with six carbon atoms) and one diacid (with six carbon atoms as well). This structure affords it excellent mechanical, physical, and chemical properties when compared with other fibers. Very versatile, it can be used in industrial applications as well as in apparel; used in the form of filaments or of cut fiber. Good absorption capacity, softness, thermal stability and regularity are a few of the characteristics of fabrics made with this fiber.

The filaments (yarn) are identified by their yarn number (count number), which expresses the mass per unit of length (linear density). For polyamide the Tex unit is used (mass in grams of 1000 meters of yarn), or, more frequently, dtex (mass in grams of 10,000 meters of yarn).

The main filaments used in the construction of Porcher fabrics are:
44 f 34 dtex
78 f 34 dtex
78 f 23 dtex

The fabrics are produced in flat looms (warp and weft) and receive a specific finishing that varies as a function of the final application. See below a few of the products in the current line with their respective construction:

Item code Warp
2201 78 f 23 78 f 34 55X37 83 100% PA
2207 44 f 34 78 f 34 67X43 70 100% PA
2215 78 f 23 78 f 34 40X26 58 100% PA
2217 44 f 34 78 f 34 66X34 64 100% PA
2218 44 f 34 44 f 34 67X42 53 100% PA
2228 44 f 34 44 f 34 84X47 66 100% PA
Note: PA = Polyamide = Nylon

The width can vary as a function of the final application.

In the case of ribbons for printing we offer the fabric pre-cut in the appropriate width.

The primary applications of polyamide (nylon) fabrics are:
Ribbons for dot-matrix printers
Ribbons for typewriters and adding machines
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