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Directions: São Paulo to Itu

- On Rodovia Castelo Branco [Highway], head away from São Paulo until km 78;
- Take exit 78; at the fork, follow the directions toward Itu (head right);
- Follow along Highway SP075 (Rodovia Archimedes Lammoglia [Highway] – also known as “Castelinho”) for approximately 3 km;
- Take exit 16 towards Itu (to the right);
- Continue along Rodovia Walmirio Correa Camargo [Highway] (SP079) for approximately 9 km;
- A little bit after the entrance to Terras de São José there is a nightclub called Anzu, right in front of this nightclub it is possible to make a U-turn (change direction);
- Change direction and take Tiradentes Avenue, the street beside the gas station (perpendicular to the lane);
- Follow this Avenue until the roundabout;
- At the roundabout, take the second street to the right. This is already Caetano Ruggieri Avenue.
- Follow this to number 4,153. You arrived.

  Av. Caetano Ruggieri, 4153 - Itu - São Paulo - fone 55 11 4023-1966