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This business unit is established in a small village called “Le Grand Temps”, which is located in Tour-du-Pin, Isere, Rhone-Alpes, France.

Responsible for the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge composites. Dedicated to state-of-the-art industries, the requisites for these products are high-level and require acting very closely with clients. In this unit, technology and research into new products are constant activities.

The products of this business unit are: fabrics made with E-Glass and S-Glass filaments, fabrics made with carbon and para-aramid fibers. Applications with a high level of demand with regard to requirements of quality, service, and ability to innovate.Thermoplastic composites combine positive characteristics of fabrics made from continuous filaments associated to the characteristics of polymers, generating a material that is light, very resistant, and more durable than other, conventional, materials.

Some examples of applications: components for the aeronautics and aerospace sector, sports and leisure, and industrial applications.

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