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Application Areas

See below a few of the areas of applications of Porcher Brazil’s products:

Applications for POLYESTER and GLASS Scrims (grilles)

The POLYESTER reinforcement scrims can be used in diverse applications, always with the objective of improving the characteristics of the material to which it is being added. Learn more

Applications for Polyamide (nylon) fabrics

The main application for the fabrics made with polyamide 6.6 filaments by Porcher Brazil is tapes used for printing.Learn more


Applications for glass fabrics

Glass fabrics can be produced with glass (type E) filaments of different thicknesses and in different fabric constructions.Learn more

Applications for Rubber Cord


The products known as Rubber Cord are cables composed of glass yarn covered in a rubber (chloroprene) bath. Learn more


Applications for Polyester fabrics

There are many options of fabrics that use high tenacity Polyester filaments.Learn more


Applications for twisted glass yarns


Twisted glass yarns are used for the production of components designed to insulate and/or confer resistance to heat. Learn more

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